The Journal

A Visit to the Eden Gallery in London

20th September, 2018

Eden Gallery Artist Creation

I recently visited the Eden Gallery where I was introduced to some exceptional artists. The exhibition itself was bold, colourful and inviting; providing a platform for a group of excellent artists.

The artist SN, uses mix media to bring nature into his artwork. His pieces convey a deep energy through its rich colour and the use of mounted butterflies. 


David Karcov artwork captivated me with his use of colour. His paper cuts and metal works give his pieces a sense of free-wheeling energy and intricacy through the use of repetition, three-dimensionalism and detail. The subject matter of his work varies vastly from Disney characters to butterflies.

Alex Monopoly, a street artist, uses mixed media to convey graffiti art through paintings and sculpture. He convey icons that link to the subject of luxury through the use of spray paint. His work is very colourful and amusing. 

Dorit Levinstein creates these sculptures that stretch out to form these simple and loosely positioned forms by the use of a continuous line. The scupltures cleverly depict human figures, animals, flowers, and objects that are decorated with an array of
colours and patterns.

Overall, I found the exhibition was bright, bold and beautifully constructed. It was really interesting and gave me an insight into current artists. I particularly noticed the intricacy to some of the pieces and the array of colours used reminded me of my print designs on my scarves.  My scarves depict detailed floral designs that are in array of colours that link to the english countryside (view my scarves here).