Tate Morden Museum London

9th May, 2019

Tate Morden A visit to the Tate Morden museum is pretty much a walk back in time, as you get to enjoy international contemporary art and some older pieces too. It’s a great way to enjoy outstanding and impressive art. Plus, the Tate Morden museum brings in art pieces from all over the world, and…Read More

Emma Kunz’s Exhibition at Serpentine Gallery

16th April, 2019

Bringing out the Essence of Nature and Spirituality through Emma Kunz’s Art In a world where people are in a rush to live for their selves, not many take time to find the purpose or meaning of life. The spiritual world holds the key for many of our miseries. Translating these thoughts from spirituality to…Read More

Fashion and Textile Museum “Swinging London”

21st March, 2019

The Big Influence of 60s Fashion and Their Use in Product Advertisements There is a very good reason for the sixties hailed as the Swinging Sixties. Fashion was at an all-time high and thanks to our idols like Mary Quant, Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, and Twiggy; we have a lot to go on even today….Read More

Dior Exhibition at Victoria and Albert Museum

28th February, 2019

Compared two places Dior exhibition After seen a beautiful Dior exhibition in Paris 2017.  I thought I am never seeing again that exhibition, but after one year later 2018 Dior exhibited exhibition at London Victoria and Albert museum. After seen two exhibition was size wise one was bigger than other one. Both have elegant and…Read More