The Journal

Emma Kunz’s Exhibition at Serpentine Gallery

16th April, 2019

Bringing out the Essence of Nature and Spirituality through Emma Kunz’s Art

In a world where people are in a rush to live for their selves, not many take time to find the purpose or meaning of life. The spiritual world holds the key for many of our miseries. Translating these thoughts from spirituality to art is like taking a concept to give it a physical form. Emma Kunz (1892 to 1963) was one such artist who used a divining pendulum to create art. Her specialty was in geometric lines and more than often used Radiesthesia to create her art. Her art was not out in public and now an artist, Christodoulos Panayiotou, has thought of presenting the Kunz’s works of art at Serpentine Gallery. The artwork is open to public viewing from 23rd March to 19 May 2019.  


 Emma Kunz’s Style of Art 

The artist, Emma Kunz had created over 400 drawings in her lifetime, and she was a healer and a naturopath too. Her skill at Telepathy right from her childhood years helped her to find the connection with nature easily. 

She used the divining pendulum to swing on graph paper, creating patterns. She would pose a question to the pendulum, and the response would be through the swing and sketching on the paper. Though she had never chosen to record the readings or the answers in clear words, she had prophesied several incidents around the world. 









She had proclaimed the World War 2 and America’s use of nuclear bombs on Japan and even used the healing methods to cure people. 

The Artwork on Display 

Kunz is a famous name in the spiritual art world, and so the exhibition has given the special touch as well. One of the healing stone benches created by the artist Christodoulos Panayiotou is made from the healing stone that Kunz had discovered at the Roman quarry at Wurenlos. This stone has medicinal properties and helpful in creating a synergy of positivity to those who sit on it. 








Besides these, there is the art of graphite on graph paper and mandala-like patterns with colour pencils on graph paper on display. These are Kunz’s windows to the transcendental world. Visitors at the Serpentine Gallery will now be able to sit on the healing stone benches and observe her art of absolute symmetry and serenity. These are indeed a break from the pandemonium that our life outside. Emma Kunz’s love for nature and the spiritual world now gets closer and forms the dots for visitors to join. 








Last Drawing Emma Kunz’s

Emma Kunz’s drawing she made shortly before her death from cancer in 1963. She described last drawing as “With this last picture I have the seventh chamber of the pyramid. My reasearch are now finished.”