The Story of

Shakera Design

Born to be an artist

I discovered a fierce affinity for drawing and colouring during my childhood in India, winning several school awards.

After marrying and moving to the UK, I continued to use my skills to machine make traditional Indian dresses and children’s clothes with hand embroidered patterns of my own design.

Like many mothers, my own dream to become a leading print design artist ran parallel with my family responsibilities. But my desire to develop my skills fuelled me all the way through my learning journey, eventually culminating in an MA in Fashion and Textiles from De Montfort University. It has taken me longer than others, but I have loved every minute of my art education and appreciate the diverse knowledge it has given me; particularly screen and digital printing, laser cutting and weaving.


I am inspired by the vibrant spice colours of my homeland, but also by the gentler nature of the flora I cultivate in my own garden and that grows in the beautiful British countryside.

My designs evoke the colours of vintage botanical studies found in books and galleries, but are drawn in a more contemporary artistic style – vivid, more defined and perfect for adding a colourful, luxurious touch to any look.


I insist on 100% pure British silk and silk georgette as the canvas for the bold, saturated colours of my floral designs. By using the latest digital printing techniques, the clarity and intensity of the original artworks are reproduced with pinpoint precision – creating floods of gorgeous, fluid colour. All Shakera Design scarves are finished with neatly machine-trimmed edges, maintaining my excellent quality standards and ensuring longevity.


I can’t remember when I wasn’t passionate about creating art. As a little girl, drawing and painting were my favourite past times. While my children were growing, I pursued my education and explored the world of textile design from my home.

Life has recently tested my inner resolve with the toughest challenges I have encountered so far. I met them with as much strength and dignity as I could muster. During this time, the all-consuming design process offered me temporary respite and much-needed relaxation.

Shakera Design is my way forward; completing my educational journey and establishing my own business. My passion for design has enabled me to imagine a future filled with creating and sharing beautiful things. Feeding souls with beauty gives me almost as much pleasure as feeding my family a home-cooked meal. My artistic ambition thrives and I can’t wait to share my next ideas with you.