The Journal

Struggling for Mother’s Day?

6th March, 2018

Are you struggling to come up with something special enough for your lovely mum this Mother’s Day?

Get away from the traditional flowers and chocolate this year. One of my original, hand designed silk scarves is a unique alternative. And it will arrive beautifully wrapped, so all you have to think about is a card.

Most mothers share similar characteristics, but everyone thinks they have the world’s ‘best’ mum. Show your mum, or maternal figure, that you value her uniqueness with a limited edition silk scarf from Shakera Design. Show her how well you know her by choosing a pattern that contains her favourite colour or flower. Don’t get her something she ‘needs’, give her a piece of everyday luxury that will remind her of you every time she wears it. After all, it’s your love that’s the most important gift to her.