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Victoria and Albert Museum Fashion From Nature

21st February, 2019

Fashion From Nature

Since the beginning of human existence, it has always been a basic idea that nothing can be compared to nature!! This is a reality that inspires the most valuable type of fashion from nature. In an unforgiving world, I found a museum that is even more unforgiving to non-natural ideas. I was referring to nowhere else than the Victoria and Albert museum, London. A little while ago, I visited this museum and was fascinated with the priority that was given to fashion from nature in the past. A proof that the legacies of the past can still reconstruct the ideas we have about fashion today. Therefore, this article will explore some examples of how cloths were fashioned from nature in the Victoria and Albert museum and beyond.

Green and Gleaming:

About two centuries ago, insect were elegantly used in the cloth making. Therefore, the green and gleaming were designed with the wings of more than 5000 beetles. All intelligently used to form a unique array of beautiful patterns.



Animal Skin Made Coats

The process of making a coat with animal skin is both complex and demanding. The tanning process needs the maker to endure a measure of unpleasant smell and the fact still remains that great hides are uneasy to come by. However, as ancient as it may seem animal skins make the very best of coats. Though the fashion ideas of the past are fading away, coats are still being fashioned from nature as designers worldwide are more than joyous to make present these amazing gifts of nature.

Silk Cocoon

That strange looking larvae protector is called cocoon. People use cocoons to make the protein fiber known as silk. They make silk from cocoons by nurturing silkworms on mulberry leaves. The cocoons undergo some well-planned procedures to derive this gem of nature called silk.


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